Confessions of a Master Procrastinator: "There is always tomorrow and the day after and the day after that."

Every week you mentally rehearse your agenda. Is it a major deal to close? Is it a huge speaking engagement? Is it a closing deadline that you have procrastinated on until the last minute? How about a story or book that needs to be completed? Whatever the mountain may be, you look in the mirror and say "I can do this. I am ready to conquer". You're focused. You're confident. You know you have the power to execute. Then it happens.

You come out the blocks quickly in the morning but all of a sudden your energy level is affected. Your positive attitude takes a drastic turn. Your calm demeanor has been altered. What happened? Your ever present laziness got you in quicksand. Procrastination got you on the ropes. You're mentally throwing in the towel. You're sinking back into mediocrity. You can't seem to move out.

How do you cope? You resort back to doing the things you like to do instead of doing the things you need to do now. You check your Facebook page to maybe see who left a message on your wall. You send out a few Twitter messages in hopes someone will just retweet you so you can feel "important" again. Or maybe you turn on a movie on your laptop, start indulging in unhealthy snacks, put on your favorite song or call up a friend to talk the time away. You may even check your Blackberry to see who sent you a text message to spark an insignificant chat.Valuable time lost.

Self-imposed distractions now become your source of comfort. You make excuses for yourself and "there is always tomorrow" becomes your post-it note affirmation.

Hold up! Was life meant to be spent in a constant cycle of procrastination like this? Of course not. You know that but once momentum is broken it is a challenge to regain it and maintain it. However, it is doable. Don't wait, go ahead and knock out those goals. Hard work often pays off after time but laziness always pays off now.

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