Deric Muhammad and other activists meet with Houston Police Chief McClelland. What will be the outcome?

Deric Muhammad speaks during a Jan. 29 press conference regarding the alleged beating of a Black woman (right) by HPD officers.

According to a tweet from Deric Muhammad, a member of the Nation of Islam and the Ministry of Justice, he and others had a meeting with Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr., on January 31 to relay the concerns of the community regarding the out of control actions of patrol officers the past few weeks. Particularly the recent alleged beating of a Black woman who says she was filming officers who were brutally beating her husband during an arrest outside their home. (pictured above)

"This meeting was prompted, if you will, by several complaints that we've received from residents in northeast Houston, particularly about the white officers on the night shift," Deric Muhammad told reporters during a press conference outside HPD headquarters following the meeting. "We believe if the police chief spent less time behind his desk and more time on the ground, that he could disturb the culture of corruption that's on the ground."

Joining Deric Muhammad at the meeting were former HPD officer Shelby Stewart and attorney Robert Collier, who is representing the couple who made the recent allegations of police brutality. The group says that the police chief made some commitment but its "time for some action."

It is becoming harder and harder to believe that the police chief will facilitate any change where these consistent incidents are concerned. Why not?  I think this tweet below posted by Deric Muhammad just about sums it up. What do you think?

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  1. It is very sad to read it, to read about all the violence in our community and against our community. I wonder as well what will be the outcome?


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