Excuse me, I just had a Lauryn Hill moment: "Claiming that you got a new style. Your attempts are Fu-Tile."

True story: At the start of 2012 I was considering launching a "Comeback Lauryn Hill" blog/campaign. You think it would've worked? Who knows. Her presence in the music industry is greatly missed from my vantage point. I remember someone at Prairie View A&M University gave me "The Mis-education of Lauryn Hill" as a birthday gift and I listened to it all day, everyday. I was jammin her back in the days of the Fugees. Not too many can get with her on the mic, male or female. Where you at L Boogie? Sigh. Oh well, I was playing the old Fugee album "The Score" and in particular the song "How Many Mics." Play this one time....Lauryn kills it!

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