In Response To XXL & Too Short: Real Fatherly Advice From Our Fathers documentary web series

From Our Fathers from Stacey Muhammad on Vimeo.

There is still a great outcry over the controversial video released by rapper Too Short on XXL Magazine's website teaching young boys how to sexually take advantage of young girls. From Our Fathers is a Documentary Web Series that gives voice to the men who are willing to speak openly about gender violence, fatherhood and responsibility. The first person interviewed is Lumumba Bandele, a father, husband, author, university lecturer, deejay, concert producer and community organizer from Central Brooklyn. He is dropping some serious jewels! Matter of fact in a recent article he wrote the following about Too Short, "This 45 year old rapper is NOT and has never been qualified to offer advice on relationships especially between young boys and girls."

This web series is created by filmmaker and activist Stacey Muhammad in collaboration with the "WeAreThe44%" Coalition of Black and Latina activists, artists, and writers – all of whom have a long history in social justice activism. I have been a huge fan of Stacey Muhammad's work and you can catch up to it @ http://www.staceymuhammad.com/.

Let's take a stand for our women and girls!

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  1. I think its an AMAZING idea and testimony to its creators! I look forward to MORE!

  2. Always aware that a child is watching and learning how to be an adult by observing how you carry it. Realizing that the world is bigger than your block is critical, yet at times settles in their ears as empty words when all the child sees is his or her block. So as adults we must provide opportunities for the child to actually experience life beyond the block. Once that concept crystalizes it allows their mind to travel across countries and continents until the day they set foot upon the soil.


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