Reggie Clemons' hearing date rescheduled for September; supporters say "Our efforts must not slow down."

Reginald Clemons has been on death row in the state of Missouri for a crime he and his supporters say he didn't commit.
Originally, the 40-year-old Black inmate was scheduled to finally get his day in court on March 5. At that scheduled hearing, Judge Michael Manners, the special master appointed to review the case by the Missouri Supreme Court, was expected to either decide to give Mr. Clemons a new trial, set a new execution date or recommend his immediate release.

Clemons will now have to wait another six months. According to a Feb. 17 email sent out by Jamala Rogers, coordinator for the "Justice for Reggie" Campaign, "The attorneys for Reggie has just informed the Campaign that the March 5 hearing date has been cancelled and the new date is September 17, 2012. Many of the events planned as momentum-builders to the hearing will go on; others will be spread out over the summer. For example, Vera Thomas and I will be traveling throughout Missouri next week as planned. Supporters will continue to tell Reggie's story and to collect signatures. Our efforts must not slow down. While this is disappointing news, rescheduled court dates often happen in cases such as this. Reggie remains steadfast and determined and has asked us to continue the fight as we all prepare for that important day in court whenever it occurs. Thanks for your your efforts in lifting up Reggie's case as one of travesty. We will continue to keep you updated."

Despite no physical evidence linking him to the crime, Mr. Clemons was convicted and sentenced to death in connection with the 1991 deaths of two White siblings, Robin and Julie Kerry, who drowned after falling from the Chain of the Rocks Bridge into the Mississippi River.

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