The Verdict Is In…Take Control of Your Happiness

(Source: Hurt2Healing Magazine) When we talk about the issue of forgiving and healing, a lot of time it’s all about what has happened to us and the challenge to “get over it” , “let go” , and forgive; in order to arrive at the victorious healing. No one said that there is no work that needs to be done within ourselves.

Sometimes we need to turn the finger off of the one who hurt us and put the finger on ourselves for allowing those to hurt us. We ignore so many signs along the way to destruction. It’s only when we find ourselves at rock bottom that we realize something went wrong which we could have prevented.

The verdict is in. We are making an equal contribution to our unhappiness. We are blaming someone one else for hurting us over and over while we are the ones who continue to allow them to do this to us. When there is no penalty for crime, there is chaos. This does not suggest a punishment that may cause our problem to escalate; it declares drawing the line. When there is no penalty for crossing the line over and over, it will continue to be crossed. You will be tested, the envelope will be pushed, you will be backed against the wall, and finally you will get hurt. Hurt turns into anger when not treated.  Anger turns into rage, and rage is the fire that burnt down the house in which your soul is left to suffer. Your heart is broken, your feelings are hurt, and your healing is short of twilight in a tunnel that goes on forever.  At this point, happiness seems unachievable. So why do we put ourselves through it? 

Solutions do not travel on the same road as problems. If you are looking for a solution, you have to separate from the problem. [READ MORE]

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