What Saviours’ Day means to me: "We are duty bound at this time to help Minister Farrakhan"

by Byron Muhammad

First and foremost it means that I was one of the many that Allah, who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad to Whom all praise is due forever, came to redeem. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that if you believe in Master Fard Muhammad you are lucky. After 22 years in the Nation of Islam I am constantly reminded that I truly believe that I am lucky. Out of the 5 billion people on this earth how many can say that they are a witness that a man came in fulfillment of prophesy that God gave to Abraham? After 400 years of the worst kind of suffering a human can endure, that He would come and save that which was lost.

Second, my family. If it was not for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan standing up to re-build The Nation, I would never have known my beautiful wife and she would not have been able to give us two beautiful and gifted children. I am reminded that I would go into their room; while they were asleep, and pray over them, to Allah, that He bless them to be believers and that they would discover their gifts and use their gifts to help our Nation grow. I always taught them that if it were not for The Minister standing up to rebuild our Nation that they would not even be born!!! So, they owe their very lives to The Nation of Islam and when I say The Nation of Islam I mean The Nation of God, Allah.

Third and not at all least, that I have a duty to my people who do not know that God has come to save that which was lost. We have to become better servants of our people and begin to unite behind the program of The Nation to free ourselves so we can really go after our people. We are duty bound at this time to help Min. Farrakhan with what he is asking us to do at this time and that is to acquire land that we may feed ourselves and get our mouths out of the kitchen of our enemy. The Savior, Master Fard Muhammad, made a Savior, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who made another Savior, Min. Louis Farrakhan, who is making Saviors out of those who are willing to be Saviors. I pray Allah that I am one of the Saviors. That is what Saviors’ Day means to me. Happy Saviors’ Day Beloved.

(Byron Muhammad is a member of the Nation of Islam and is based in Houston)

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