The Work Habits of The Prophets (Part 3): "The Willingness to Sacrifice to Achieve Success"

Guest post by Willie Muhammad

Part 3

Any where one finds someone who has achieved success, I guarantee you they will also find a person who has sacrificed. There is no success without sacrifice. The willingness to sacrifice must be a part of our work ethics, if one desires to be successful.

Sacrifice is definitely something we can learn from if we were to study the life of the Prophets. The first part of the definition of sacrifice is “the act of giving up something valued…” Every Prophet and Servant of God gave up something in order to do God’s Will. Their doing so was not in vain, for with each sacrifice they became closer to God and their names and lives have lived on through history.

As you sit and read this blog entry, think about what goals you have set in your own life. Have you had success in accomplishing them? I am willing to bet that in those areas you have achieved success in, you sacrificed something. Likewise, in those areas you experienced failure in; you will find you didn’t.

Once a mentor of mine told me a story about a monkey in the wild that was being hunted by a tribesman. The tribesman knew something about the nature of this monkey and used it against it. The tribesman placed a fruit in a container that was only wide enough for the fruit to fit in and roll out if the container was held upside down. He placed the fruit in the container in front of the monkey that was observing from near by. After doing so he walked off and hid in the bushes. The monkey cautiously walked over to the container and looked inside of it. After seeing the fruit was there he placed his hand inside of the container and grabbed the fruit. As soon as he did this the tribesman jump from behind the bush and ran full speed toward the monkey. The monkey saw him but could not run away because it could not get its hand out of the container with the fruit. If it would have just dropped the fruit it could have easily gotten away. The monkey did not want to give up what it possessed, thus it ended up being captured. The story to me highlights the principle found in the act of sacrificing. Sometimes the biggest hindrances to our own success is our inability to let things go. What are you holding on to that is being a hindrance to your long desired success?

(Student Minister Willie Muhammad is the New Orleans representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam. Follow him on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/BroWM46)

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