(Audio Replay) Minister Farrakhan speaks to a packed audience in Grand Rapids

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to a packed house at Fountain Street Church in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday, March 1. The event was organized by Nation of Islam-Grand Rapids Study Group. It was sponsored by the Black Student Union of Grand Rapids Community College, who refused to back down from the opposition that attempted to halt Minister Farrakhan from speaking to the college students. The pastor of Fountain Street Church has a history of hosting so-called controversial speakers and he was excited to have Minister Farrakhan at his place of worship.

The title of Minister Farrakhan's message was“Duty, Responsibility and the Necessity for Self Sufficiency.” I got word within a hour of the the start of the program that Urban Station WUVs-LP 103.7 The Beat was going to be streaming the audio live on their website.The digital army was prepared to start live tweeting the event, however, unfortunately, and fortunately, the love of the people overloaded their website within minutes and we only heard a very small portion before Minister Farrakhan even started. That's the beauty of technology, that word can spread rapidly within a very short amount of time.

We thank Paul Billings and the team at 103.7 The Beat for at least loving the Minister and the people enough that they would boldly use their airwaves to share his message. They posted the audio replay of message. As they stated, its a little choppy at times but you can still hear a lot of what the Minister said.[ Click here to listen.]

Also below is a news report from one of the local stations in Grand Rapids. I will post more once I receive links from The Final Call tech dept.

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