Message to youth: Save yourself; it’s not wrong to be right

By Jesse Muhammad

ROSEMONT, Ill. - (FinalCall.com) -  It is usually considered taboo, however, a panel and audience of young people at the Nation of Islam's annual Saviours’ Day Convention didn’t shy away from delving into the mastery of sexual urges.

“We need to discuss it with our parents so we may understand our virtue and what it truly means. Sex is pumped day and night to not even give the youth a chance to even phantom the thought of staying a virgin,” said Maryam Muhammad, who organized the session.

The Feb. 24 workshop held at the Stephens Convention Center was to motivate youth to hold on to their chastity and to also recommit those who have lost their inspiration to remain chaste.
Maryam Muhammad shared her personal triumphs and encouraged attendees to persevere, despite how sex is used by corporate America to advertise shoes, food, and cars.

“I come to tell you that it can be done. You do not have to fold under the pressure. If it was something impossible, if it was an unreachable goal, Allah wouldn’t have asked us to do it. We must fight to walk the straight path,” she said.

Panelist Artiium Muhammad shared how in high school and college he abused his charm and athletic ability which quickly led him to “a life of sexual prowess.”

“What was seen as fun and thrill and seeing how far I could push the envelope with females, such as buying them gifts, caused a state of mind that influenced my behavior,” said Bro. Artiium. 

“What changed my way of thinking? The answer is understanding the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as taught by Minister Farrakhan and seriously making up my mind to be right in Allah’s Eyes. The Teachings gave me the clear divine purpose of sex, a woman, virginity and her divinity.”

Bro. Artiium added, “The subject of sex, marriage and abstinence is an important topic to be discussed. I’ve rededicated myself to living in celibacy until marriage. I’ve also learned that abstaining from sex is protection for men and women from the falsehood that sex equals love.”

“When I would see a half-naked woman walking around, I would feel like a caged animal. Over time, I started to gain control over my urges. Through struggling, I have gained greater control,” said Salahuddeen Muhammad.

“I choose to stay virtuous because I know I’m pleasing Allah by sacrificing myself to do His Will. It keeps me strong to know that I’m doing what is basically the hardest thing for a young man to do. If you can do this in this world, you are supernatural,” he added.

Many in the workshop wore T-shirts and passed out buttons promoting an abstinence program they launched with the slogan, “Save Yourself, It’s Not Wrong To Be Right.” Its purpose is to build a stronger network among young people striving hard to be chaste. [READ MORE]

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