A Real Resolution: Congrats to my brother Edward Jackson on setting and reaching his fitness goal

For the past few months, I've read Facebook posts from my eldest brother Edward Jackson regarding his Crossfit Class challenge. Well the results are in! Edward recently posted "I remember my first Crossfit Class in early Dec of 2011 (was about to die..lol), I weighed myself that day and I had gotten up to 247. I made a promise to myself at that moment that I would change my lifestyle. I stepped on the scale today and I am down to 215. GREAT FEELING ! ! ! For the past 8 weeks I have been doing a Paleo nutrition challenge with Crossfit Round Rock. Over those 8 weeks I lost 16lbs, 7.1% body fat, and 16 inches."

It's one thing to make a resolution, but it is an entirely different thing to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If you haven't been in the gym in a long time, what is your excuse? My brother Edward proves that there is nothing more unstoppable than a made up mind. Congrats Ed!

P.S.--Maybe next you can sign up for a basketball camp to improve your jumpshot. LOL!