The Trayvon Martin Case: Audio of 911 Calls Released by the Sanford Police Department! Horrific!

The death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida is rapidly spreading throughout the world. I'm presently working on a detailed report for our paper The Final Call Newspaper. In the latest development, the Sanford Police Department decided to release the 911 audio tapes to the public. I've listened to them several times and each time it becomes heartbreaking to hear the voice of a young boy crying out for help just before a gunshot is heard. Click the link below to hear it for yourself and be sure to catch our coverage in the next edition of The Final Call. And please add your signature to the online petition

(AUDIO) Trayvon Martin case: 911 call: Yelling & gunshot heard in background


  1. Why would the shooter yell help if he had a gun? The way the map was posted,the shooter intercepted the little brother before he made it home. I think alot of unsolved murder cases involving young black teens need some looking into! These 6day old babies are getting away with murder! Its only going to get worster. Word of advice: keep close tabs on your black kids,white people are angry,scared,confused,they know they are losing their grip,so what do they resort to?The gun! The only thing that makes sense to them! Peace!™

  2. If Trayvon Martin was walking as he was in my neighborhood he would also be shot. And that goes for any other gangsta wanna be's.

    Then there is the Black mans saviors Jesse JAckson, and Al Sharpton? LOL What a Joke. All these "Reverands" claim to be of God, but the fact is they are racial instigators, and this is the only way they have the fame they crave. if you are a man of god then have the balls to preach right and wrong to the parents of these Black teenagers. Pffft Look at crimes these days, I dont blame anyone for shooting a gangsta wannabe. What if this was a black man shooting a black teen, we would not be here, it is justifiable.

    Most blacks are always blamong everything on racism, because they dont want to take respnsibility for what they have created, Bottom Line Black people, GET A JOB, PAY YOUR TAXES, DISIPLINE YOUR TEENAGED GANGSTA WANNA BE'S, AND QUIT SUCKING UP ON WELFARE!


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