Trayvon Martin's parents speak at Million Hoodie March in Union Square + Singer Tyrese Gibson sends a message to George Zimmerman: "I got a bag of Skittles. You go shoot me?"

Thousands packed the streets in Union Square on March 21 in NYC for the "Million Hoodie March" to further call for justice in the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Watch the video of Trayvon's parents addressing the crowd.

Also, I caught this clip of singer and author Tyrese Gibson on CNN. He sends a message to George Zimmerman. Click below.

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  1. So many people saying we need to hear more facts before we make a decision...What we do know is that somebody took it upon themselves to hunt down and confront a kid because of how he looked. This law that he is standing behind for his actions does not support a self proclaimed neighborhood watchman that pursues a person and invites a confrontation. My son wears a hoodie, and Im sure at times carries skittles and gatorade. He is 17 and to be honest a bit skittish while walking alone at night. If somebody (especially a man twice his size) confronted him, you can bet your sweet ass he'd bust him in the face. He would fight for his life! It's called stranger danger and I taught him to fear this type of situation. Zimmerman was told "clearly" to not follow the "suspect". The man needs to be accountable for this vigilante act for the sake of all of our Florida kids (and the rest of the US)


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