WATCH THIS: 2.5-Year-Old Scientist Knows Physics and Chemistry

I absolutely had to share this with you all! On Sunday, March 4, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered Part 2 of his Saviours' Day 2012 keynote address. Before he spoke, he invited a Muslim couple to come before the audience at Mosque Maryam in Chicago and thousands more view webcast, to present their 2.5 year-old son Romanieo Jr. This young scientist knows physics and chemistry and the following video is proof.

The father, Romanieo Sr., attributed their success in rearing a child like this to Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and specifically the lecture series delivered by Minister Farrakhan in the 80's titled "How To Give Birth To A God." I personally bear witness that everyone should study that series. It will change your life, your perspective on women and how valuable they are as God's co-creators.

This video has gained national media attention and top U.S. scientists are in awe. Romanieo Sr. told the audience that when scientists asked him what the "secret" is, he pointed to a picture of Minister Farrakhan. Due to the overwhelming requests and feedback they have received, they decided to write a book "A little Like Einstein: Rebirth of the Polymath." The book has not been published because they are in the midst of a kickster fundraiser. Read more about it here and click below to watch this video.

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