What's beef? Despite opposition, Farrakhan delivers eye-opening message to students at UC Berkeley

(Students filing into the auditorium at UC Berkeley to see Minister Farrakhan on March 10)
by Brother Jesse

Most college students today are very familiar with rap beefs that arise between some of their favorite artists from time to time.

The late rapper Notorious B.I.G., who was shot down 15 years ago, wrote a popular song "What's Beef?" wherein he painted a picture of what conflict and warfare is like in the ghetto.

He talked about carrying two guns to go to sleep, your mom being unsafe walking the streets, having to make your enemies start your jeep, rolling no less than thirty deep and an inevitable visit with the ICU.

I respect B.I.G., but that pales in comparison to the 28-year-old beef the Jewish community has had with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Matter of fact, the word "beef" is not even an adequate description. This all fulfills that which is written in the Bible regarding Jesus' controversy with the Jews.

This is much deeper than the exchange of lyrics, songs, tweets or Facebook posts. This is not a game of "playing the dozens", this about what Paul said in Ephesians: "For we war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

(The "decapitation" cartoon regarding Minister Farrakhan that appeared in the New York Post on March 19, 1999)

This past week Black students throughout the state of California got a "ringside seat" at UC Berkeley to witness exactly why members of the Jewish community want Farrakhan to stay away from the college campuses.

Apparently, the Jews' hatred for Farrakhan has now been passed on to younger generations because Jewish students took issue with the Black Student Union inviting him to the 9th Annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference on March 10. I believe the opposition only made the 600 plus students even more interested in what Farrakhan had to say.

"Universities are suppose to be places where ideas are exposed to the students. Naturally critical thinking is utilized by students who listen to those who come to present ideas. And if those students are educated, as others like us to believe we are, then your critical thinking will allow you to dispel things of which you find abhorrent, disagreeable or unwise," he said in his opening words after being introduced by Salih Muhammad, BSU chair at Berkeley.

"It bothers me that, at a university such as Berkeley, some would come to the Black students and ask them to disinvite someone that they invited. So I ask you, what are you afraid of? What is it that I might say to your students or your slaves, that you don't want the mentality of your slaves to be shaken? Are you still in the mode and the mind of a slavemaster that you think we should bow down and let you tell us who we should listen to? I would hope that Berkeley is not another plantation," said Farrakhan, who did not ask for any honorarium to speak because it is not about money,but about the students.

(Minister Farrakhan speaks at the United Center on Feb. 26, 2012)

The 78-years-young global leader covered so many topics in a short amount of time such as the products of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, etc), America's declining educational system, agriculture, the value of women, the Black Holocaust, President Obama, Israel, Iran and the Black power movement of the 60s.

"Look how silly we look with a picket sign begging White folks for a job. Where is your future in America begging somebody else?" he asked. "The world's condition shows that your education has been insufficient. You're getting a degree in 'quotology' instead of a degree in critical thinking."

Farrakhan also encouraged the students to read Volume 2 of the book "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" to prepare themselves once a dialogue takes place on the campuses with Jewish students. "You can't build on yesterday with no knowledge of yesterday..that's why they don't want you to have me on the campus," he said.

It was recently reported that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) hosted representatives from at least 23 HBCUs at their conference in Washington, D.C. last week. It would be a rhetorical question to ask why AIPAC is freely allowed on college campus yet Farrakhan is opposed. Which one is more beneficial to the advancement of Black students? AIPAC or Farrakhan?

Based upon the tweets I've been reading from Berkeley students who heard him, Farrakhan was the right choice. Read more about this in the next edition of The Final Call and watch the full replay of the message.

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  1. This is exciting to know Min. FARRAKHAN IS TOURING THE COLLEGES AGAIN! This is good for the YOUTH! If it wasn't for critical thinking I WOULD HAVE NOT JOINED THE NOI.

  2. This is a shame. You normally don't want to get into the debate if the victim was white,and the person who was charged with killing him was black and he didn't even admit to it,would be locked up. Some things will never change. Justice will be served.


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