Environmental Racism? Prairie View A&M University students fighting against a proposed landfill in Texas

The student body from Prairie View A&M University, the HBCU I was honored to attend, is on a serious digital push to get 25,000 signatures by April 25 on an online petition to combat a proposed landfill. This definitely sounds like environmental racism and a potential threat to the health of students and residents of Hempstead, Prairie View, and Waller County.

The WhiteHouse.gov petition reads: Stop environmental racism! Reject the proposed 434 acre landfill that is 1 mile from Hempstead, a 69% minority city and 4 miles from Prairie View A&M, a historically black college in a 94% minority community. Located on a recharge zone of the Chico Aquifer, the Pintail Landfill will contaminate drinking water for Hempstead, Prairie View, and Waller County. Landfill runoff will also pollute a bordering spring-fed creek that empties into the Brazos River, the drinking water for downstream cities. An 18 story landfill destroys the area’s economic growth and job creation. The permitting agency, TCEQ, has given Pintail Landfill special consideration. The destruction of our life and economic future by toxic waste and water pollution must be stopped! 

Watch the video below for even more details on why we should take a stand for this community and the students of PVAMU! Add your signature to the petition @ Investigate Environmental Racism and Pollution of Drinking Water Caused by Permitting Pintail Landfill in Hempstead, TX