Interview with Canada's Vibe and Vegas Show: "The Status of The Black Man in North America"

It is not difficult to find an exposé on the challenges of being a Black man in America—just read any magazine, blog, or scientific study. Whether it is dropping out of school, unemployment, mass incarceration, diseases or growing up fatherless--this population leads statistically in just about every social ill you can name. These figures cannot be ignored but at what juncture will the Black community go beyond the rhetoric to fully embracing, highlighting and working to implement solutions displayed and offered by their own? 

Because of the recent Trayvon Martin shooting, Canada's Vibe and Vegas Podcast Show thought it would be great time to discuss “The Status Of The Black Man In North America” in an April 4 one-on-one with me. In this interview I talked about my reaction when I first heard about the Trayvon Martin case, the challenge in writing about the case and walking a fine line between reporting and personal feelings, my thoughts on the media coverage of the Trayvon Martin incident including what may happen to George Zimmerman. As the interview continues, I shared my thoughts on life as a Black man in North America today, some of the problems that Black men face and how to resolve challenges Black men are facing today. I thank the host Dr. Vibe for the invite.

Listen to the full 30 minute interview @ Vibe and Vegas Show: Jesse Muhammad “The Status Of The Black Man In North America”.

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