Minister Louis Farrakhan electrifies students from Alabama A&M and Tennessee State; now headed to LeMoyne-Owen College and University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

By Jesse Muhammad

Years ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was a frequent speaker on college campuses all across the United States, especially Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Then all of a sudden something strange happened and the invitations stopped flowing. An unofficial ban was put on Minister Farrakhan speaking on college campuses for the past 15 years. That unofficial ban even included his representatives from being invited on college campuses.

Minister Farrakhan has publicly stated that he has not been wanted near the colleges because he can make a difference in the lives of the students. Also because "powerful forces" who wish to control the minds of particularly Black college students do not want him to free them from their grip. It's a serious war. He is banned although none of his speeches ever lead to violence as they claim. This is the same man who was banned from Great Britain by "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, the same one considered by many to be the one who actually divided the country.

Within the last year, Minister Farrakhan has returned to the college circuit, but it certainly has not been without controversy. In 2011, he addressed capacity crowds on the campuses of Howard University, Jackson State University, and Prairie View A&M University. Within the first quarter of 2012, he spoke at Chicago State University and University of California, Berkeley. The student organizers at UC Berkeley were heavily attacked by members of the Jewish community for inviting him, yet they did not allow that to derail their conference.

Presently, Minister Farrakhan is in the midst of touring Black colleges in the South. The first leg of the tour started on April 10 at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. Once again, the Jewish community hurled their disgust with his presence and attempted to stop the event. However, he still addressed thousands of students. "Why am I hated? When people come to hear me drunk, they leave sober. They are better people," he said. "This is my first time in Huntsville. If there's racism and injustice here, you can't say Farrakhan did it."

He was originally invited to speak on the campus of Tennessee State University on April 12, however, campus administrators banned him. The event instead was hosted at Jefferson Street Church and was still heavily attended by students from TSU. He said, "They afraid that Farrakhan will upset race relations. I don't understand. If there is any hate in Tennessee, I didn't produce it. Not one Jewish person has ever been harmed after I speak to tens of thousands. Could it be that those who call me anti-Semitic, are really anti-Black? I want you to listen and judge Farrakhan for yourself." He also reminded the students that HBCUs were an intricate part in the Civil Rights Movement, but today the HBCUs "have gone asleep."

Let's be clear: Minister Farrakhan is not asking for an honorarium to speak at these colleges. He's paying tens of thousands of dollars out of his own pocket to secure his travel expenses as well as those who escort him. If he charged a fee, would he be worth it? Yes! In fact, no school can really offer enough to match what he brings in wisdom. Yet, he charges nobody. He just wants the ears of the students.

When he was invited to speak at Prairie View A&M back in November they offered him a $5,000 honorarium for his appearance. To the surprise and joy of many, he turned it down and asked them to give it away as scholarships instead and recently his word was made bond. Four students were awarded the “Farrakhan S.P.I.T.’s Knowledge” scholarship.

Some speakers charge schools $100,000 to come. Entertainers, who are just further dumbing down the minds of students, charge outrageous fees to perform foolishness for two hours. Why don't the Jewish community protest that? Why are Black college students being TOLD who they should and should not listen to? The time is now for Black students to stand up.

Minister Farrakhan is continuing his Southern tour by speaking at LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis on Saturday, April 14. The last leg of the tour will take place at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. For times and webcast information click here.

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