New Orleans: "Clergy, it's time to put our faith into action and join the HIV fight"

By Jesse Muhammad

The above billboard can been seen in various parts of New Orleans. This is not a publicity stunt by members of the clergy seeking to get attention. This is being done to ring the alarm on a 30-year killer of Black people: HIV/AIDS.

Pastor Bruce A. Davenport, who heads St.John #5 Faith Church in the Crescent City, has a ministry that focuses on HIV/AIDS. It's called The Faith In Action Network. Joining him on the billboard and in the PSA commercial is Student Minister Willie Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. Pastor Davenport originally had about 3-4 other pastors signed up to help out with this campaign and they all were suppose to be on billboards and the commercial. For some strange reason, only two of them are taking a stand. Louisiana is reportedly the only state that has two cities highly ranked for HIV/AIDS: New Orleans and Baton Rouge. So, Pastor Davenport and Brother Willie are refusing to sit by and be silent about the issue. Check out the commercial below, Like the campaign on Facebook, and spread this important work being done. Know Your Status!

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