We're outraged by Black-on-Black violence. There, we said it. Now what's next?

It never fails. Every time Blacks in America get behind an unjust case regarding a Black or White person, a flood of people, mostly Blacks, start saying "Where's the outrage for Black-on-Black crime?" The latest outrage of course is the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. This has drawn global attention and has sparked rallies, vigils and protests across the country since the Feb. 26 killing.

Just like during The Jena 6 and Troy Davis' execution, many have taken this opportunity to vent about how "nobody" in the Black community is marching against us killing one another and I think that is far from the truth. Can we do a better and more consistent job in doing so? Yes, however, I'm noticing more and more that the same people who cry "we need to do something" are the same people doing nothing to solve the problems in our community. They're only talking and offering no solution.

It pains me deeply to read about a little child being killed by a random bullet. I believe there are many around the country doing work in the streets in our community, but the problem is we don't do a good job of backing them or highlighting their (our) good works in addressing the issues. Do you know any in your area? Many groups have been doing anti-violence work for years, but do we back them with our finances? Do we help them get grants? How many of us take time to speak in schools in our cities? How many youth do we mentor on a weekly basis? How many of us speak in juvenile detention centers? How many of us are providing jobs for youth as an alternative to the street life? How many of us help youth to clean up their lifestyle and become organizers and defenders of their community?

I know a lot of them! For example in Houston, groups such as The Nation of Islam, SHAPE Community Center, National Black United Front, Operation Outreach OG-1, Millions More Movement Ministry of Justice, Texas Business Alliance, New Black Panther Party, Shrine of the Black Madonna, and more have spoken out and are doing things in the Black community to address the violence. This has been going on for years. Check out The Peace Keepers, a program started by Dennis Muhammad that I donated my money to and have highlighted multiple times on my blog and in news articles. 

We can always do more, but I just can't agree that there's nobody doing anything. That's a lie that we need to stop recycling. If you have the solutions, step up and pound the pavement. 

We can't afford to wait until someone gets shot before we decide to do something, nor can we wait until a White on Black crisis occurs to start talking about our community issues. Get involved by choice, not by force. Don't wait until it happens, act now as if it has. Stay proactive.

What are some of the solutions to curb or totally end Black-on-Black violence? We posed this question on The Final Call Newspaper's Facebook Fan Page. Read the comments here and weigh in

On that note...let me get up and do my part.

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  1. As Salaam Alaikum Brother Jesse,

    In some cases it is true that people who do nothing are complaining about what we don't do, especially on TV. However, when people talk about the Black on Black crime this is especially an outrage. The number 1 reason it is an outrage is because we can do something about it and most people don't do anything. We simply ignore the children and the problem. I wrote a while ago about how we are guilty of 'neglect' as a community . Many people are brainwashed into a feeling of helplessness into providing solutions and still believe someone else will help. So, you continue to empower them and teach them that they can act to stop crime around them and help with others children in their community . Many people done realize how much just a little effort toward good goes a long way


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