The Elevated Places theatrical production to honor Houston's historic Fifth Ward community

(Students of The Elevated Places performs during one of their many end of the year productions. Photo: Jesse Muhammad)

The Elevated Places will be hosting its annual cultural and performing arts event. This year the theatrical production will honor Houston’s historic Fifth Ward community. The play titled, “Blast From the Past”, will be performed on May 26, 2012 at Phillis Wheatley High School (4801 Providence Street) at 7:00 pm.

With great excitement the students will spotlight and honor alumni of Wheatley High School. This year’s honorees will be State Representative Harold Dutton, Dr. Etta Francis Walker, Dr. Jacqueline Brown, Willie Jordan, Algenita Davis, Dr. Albert Lemons, Cleo Glenn Johnson McLaughlin, and Dorothy Edwards. The play is based on historical research and several awe-inspiring interviews about the past life and times of living in Fifth Ward. Special guest speakers will include newly elected Houston City Council Member Jerry Davis (District B).

“Our children within the Fifth Ward and without must know that there is a tremendous amount of greatness that emerged from Wheatley and other great institutions during a time when we were told we were insignificant. To hear their stories should inspire educators today,” said Wakiti Muhammad, co-director of The Elevated Places.

“This is a living testament to what is produced when you give students the right type of education with the right motive and the right environment. This production will give us the opportunity to reflect on our past and use it as motivation to where we are going.”

Honoree and class of 1966 graduate Dr. Jacqueline Brown said, "Historically in order for us to move forward we must understand the root from whence we came. The Fifth Ward's younger generation has an imperative to succeed. Our teachers and community made sure that we succeeded. We have laid the foundation for those after us."

Throughout the years attendees have been enlightened and entertained by the talented students of The Elevated Places through productions like “His Legacy Lives”, “A Night of Poetry and Rhythm, A Tribute to Black Soul” and the highly acclaimed “Best of Broadway.” The school’s productions are designed to help advance community goals, bring awareness to important social issues, and promote small business; as well as, to reinforce the important role of independent education in the community.

Destiny Means, a 9th grader at Elevated Places, said “It is important to pay tribute to those who have come before us because by honoring the greatness they have done, we can follow in their footsteps and hopefully accomplish even greater things.”

“For the alumni to accomplish what they did with all of the struggles they had including civil rights and segregation, shows that with all of the opportunities and resources we have available, we have even greater potential to be successful,” said Myshall Parker, who is also a student.

The Elevated Places Independent School was established in 2007 in an effort to unify families who were currently homeschooling their children in Southwest Houston. The Elevated Places is accredited from Pre-K-12 grade. The Elevated Places focuses on high academics, moral and ethical standards, as well as, social skills, creative development, varying extra curriculum activities and preparing model citizens and community servants.

For more information and interviewed requests call 1-866-891-2504 or email elevatedplaces1@gmail.com. Visit the school’s official website at www.theelevatedplaces.com.

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