New Revolutionary Music: Avian Nalej - "The Shining"

Avian Nalej on the set of "The Shining" (Photo by: Le'Andre M. Photography)
Check out the new video for "The Shining" by Chicago hip-hop artist Avian Nalej (A-VEE-IN Knowledge). Earlier this year I told you all that he is one to watch in 2012. In this video Avian is Walcott P. Little, a young revolutionary rebel of a leftist group known as the "Children of Martyrs". After amassing more followers for his cause, Walcott is arrested and detained without probable cause and is subjected to violent hateful imagery in order to reverse his rogue behavior. When the experiment fails, his captors are forced to a final solution. Directed by Edward Steave for Stay Focused Media, "The Shining" takes its inspiration from filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange". Press play http://youtu.be/UwCoC9e6JRg

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  1. Well done brother , well done!

    Flow sick and video message brillant!!! Anything I can do to help I'm here


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