Outrage comes with acquittal of ex-officer in videotape beating of Chad Holley: "“This isn’t an individual case, it’s a systemic problem."

Hundreds protested the not guilty verdict outside the Harris County Courthouse on May 17 (Photo: Jesse Muhammad)
by Jesse Muhammad, Staff Writer

HOUSTON (FinalCall.com) - Anger and outrage in the city was building after a jury acquitted a former city police officer in the controversial videotaped beating of a Black teen.

“This isn’t an individual case, it’s a systemic problem. We have to take this protesting to another level beyond holding press conferences, rallies and meetings,” Kofi Taharka, national chairman of the National Black United Front, told The Final Call.

Andrew Blomberg, who is White, was found not guilty of misdemeanor official oppression by an all-White jury on May 16. Mr. Blomberg was among the officers fired after a surveillance camera caught them on videotape brutally kicking, punching and stomping then 15-year-old burglary suspect Chad Holley in March 2010.

Trials are pending for ex-cops Raad Hassan, Drew Ryser and Phil Bryan, who were all indicted on the same charges. Mr. Taharka, Krystal Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party, and attorney Maria Castellanos were placed in handcuffs on May 18 after taking their disgust with the verdict to the office of District Attorney Pat Lykos. [Read Full Article]


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