Think Like A God, Act Like A God (Part 3): "You look upon tigers as a tigers. I see them to be simple pussy cats.”

by Willie Muhammad

“You become whatever you submit to,” stated the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. This simple statement is pregnant with wisdom and guidance. If properly applied it can help us accomplish what has been the focus of this three-part series, “Think Like a God and Act Like a God.” Submission, being a required step in this process is logical. How can we expect to be able to think and act like a God, while refusing to submit to “The God”. “The first step toward growing into the Mind of God is to desire to do His Will. Then, we must learn to obey His Commands,” stated the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

In addition to submitting to God, we also must believe that it is possible for us to “think and act like a God.” Our inability to believe we can is THE major barrier which prevents us from accessing the Divine Power that God has given to each of us. We cannot make the scripture out to be false; our outward reality is only a reflection of our true inner thoughts (Proverbs 23:7). That is a hard pill to swallow huh? If we would be brutally honest with ourselves we would bear witness to the truth of that principle. But don’t despair, because when we come into the realization of our Divine ability, we then have the power to reform the internal thoughts and change the external reality.

A “God mindset” is all based upon how we view the obstacles we are faced with while on our journey to become our Divine self. I know some will read this article and skeptically say, “Here we go again. Someone saying all we have to do is think and look at difficulties in a different way and positive results will manifest. Yeah right!” The fact of the matter is that is precisely what we need to do. Here is a story from a book I am reading that illustrates how our perception of something can determine how successful we will be:

A teenage boy was on a quest to find a guru that he could become a disciple of. During his pursuit he encountered several people who helped him along the path. In one chapter he speaks about a lesson he learned from a guru who is known as the Tiger Guru. He is called the Tiger Guru because before becoming a guru he would knock out wild tigers with his bare hands. The teenage boy was eager to hear how this man was able to defeat wild tigers with his bare hands. So he asks the guru could he explain to him how he did so. The Tiger Guru said, “My son, it is nothing to me to fight tigers. I could do it today if necessary. You could too if you believe.” The boy was shocked and it showed on his face. The guru observing his expression said “The only difference between me and you when it comes to our ability to defeat tigers is that you look upon tigers as a tigers. I see them to be simple pussy cats.” 

There is more to this story but I will stop there. It is important for us to KNOW, BELIEVE and ACT on the belief that Allah has created us to FACE difficulty (Surah 90). To me that means He has created us to use our ability to say, “Be and it is” to change our reality. We are not able to do so because of sin, in particular the sin of ignorance. How do you view the challenges that will arise when you decide to “think and act like a God?” Are they ferocious tigers or simple pussy cats?

(Student Minister Willie Muhammad is the New Orleans representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam. Follow him on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/BroWM46) 

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