Black Community: If the Resources are at Your Fingertips, Use Them

By Roy Douglas Malonson

My wife and I have been long time advocates for Black businesses, Black organizations, practically, anything that is positive for and by Black folks. If other races can get out there and support their people, hell, why can’t we?

The issue is, Black folks don’t want to fight and work hard for what could be or what is theirs. Many just think that stuff should just be given to them. Nobody owes you nothing! Get off your lazy behind.  I see and hear of way too many Black folks not wanting to contribute to something that could provide an excellent opportunity to improve or bring much needed resources to the Black communities.

Example: Across the parking lot from our building, sits the Beulah Ann Shepard Building. Instead of folks trying to see what programs are offered to the community or what actually happens in that building, they just call or stop by to see if they could use the building for a Repast Dinner, a Graduation Party, or some other event. What about the G.E.D. or the Math and Science programs they offer? How can “we” increase the programs and make the Chamber work for the community for more than just a meeting place?

If they were to rent out that building for every event folks call or come by to inquire about, it would be torn up by now. Don’t get mad at me for simply speaking the truth, I’m just being honest.

Sadly, some folks in Acres Homes don’t even know that the Acres Homes Multi-Service Center offered Fatherhood Classes and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group, among other classes.  When I was growing up, we didn’t have to leave out of Acres Homes for nothing. We had everything located all in one area, various Dentist/Doctor’s offices, stores, etc.  Once again, this is opportunity staring them dead in their faces, yet, they refuse to take it. I don’t know if its a  pride thing or whatever you want to call it.  Whenever opportunity presents itself for anybody to further themselves in any type of way, one should take it. I ask all the time, “What do I have to do to get folks to understand?”

(Roy Douglas Malonson is the chairman of African-American News & Issues based in Houston, Texas. Visit their newly launched website at www.aframnews.com)

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