Trayvon Martin Update: George Zimmerman headed back to jail after judge revokes his bond; Defense says trial could be in 2013

by Brother Jesse

The news broke on Friday, June 1, that George Zimmerman had 48 hours to turn himself back into a Sanford, Florida jail cell by 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 3. The judge has to determine where he will reside once he turns himself back in or if he will be freed before his trial. Zimmerman, a self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman, is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

In a June 1 post on Twitter, Attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents the Martin family, said "Judge Lester’s ruling in this matter is so important because it causes everyone to focus on Zimmermant’s credibility. This is crucial when it is only Zimmerman’s testimony that Trayvon attacked him and all the objective evidence says he perused, confronted, and shot Trayvon."

In a June 3 blog post on The George Zimmerman Legal Case website, his defense team wrote

"George Zimmerman has returned to Central Florida, arriving late Saturday evening. On Friday, June 1, the court revoked Mr. Zimmerman's bond, ordering him to return to custody within 48 hours. The defense team has coordinated with the Sanford Police Department to ensure Mr. Zimmerman's security when he turns himself in before today's 2:30 PM deadline. While out on bond, Mr. Zimmerman has been living in a secure, undisclosed location as there are significant threats against his life. Mr. Zimmerman's lawyers will request a new bond hearing where they can address the court's concerns regarding the representation of funds available at the time of the original hearing on April 20. 
The defense team hopes that Mr. Zimmerman's voluntary surrender to Sanford police will help demonstrate to the court that he is not a flight risk. Furthermore, the vast majority of the funds in question are in an independently managed trust, and neither Mr. Zimmerman or his attorneys have direct access to the money. On May 8, Mr. Zimmerman waived his right to a speedy trial to allow the defense team the time needed to prepare for trial. It is anticipated, though not certain, that the case will not be ready for trial until some time into 2013, and the next bond hearing will determine whether Mr. Zimmerman will wait those many months in jail or not."

Hold up! 2013? I wonder how factual that is. So this means that the trial could possibly take place around the one year "anniversary" of Trayvon Martin's death? Who knows. Let's be real, Zimmerman should not have been released in the first place. He has successfully pimped the criminal justice system up to this point and the way things keep going, it is obvious the family is a looooooonnng way from justice. Let's keep watching and see what happens.

Until then, play this Trayvon Martin Tribute "Made You Die" by featuring Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez, and mikeflo. It speaks volumes!

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