(Video Remix) Will Wisconsin Voters Remove Scott Walker? Hip-Hop Artist Jasiri X says "Let's tell Scott Walker You're Fired!"

Today, June 5, is the moment of truth for voters in Wisconsin. They are headed to the polls to decide if they will remove Governor Scott Walker, the Republican who has been under fire for failing to deliver on campaign promises, especially as it relates to job creation. Mr. Walker is the third governor in America's history to face a recall like this. What will be his fate? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs from March 2011 to March 2012. The worst in the nation! This has sparked outraged especially since Gov. Walker promised that he would bring 250,000 news jobs during this successful 2010 campaign run.

Well, Jasiri X, renowned emcee and community activist, has already handed Gov. Scott Walker his pink slip! He's encouraging voters to tell Gov. Walker "You're Fired!" Watch the remix of "You're Fired!" 
Filmed live at RebuildWI in Milwaukee on May 19th, "You're Fired" was directed by Paradise Gray, with additional footage from Maxwell Love, and Joe Brusky. "You're Fired" is performed by Jasiri X and features appearances by: Van Jones, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Biko Baker, Viva Fidel, Jennifer Epps, Gat Turner, Khalil Coleman, DJ Willie Shakes, Prophetic, Calvin Skinner and Mayor Tom Barrett. Vote June 5th to Recall Scott Walker!

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