WT? Mother Locked Up For Cheering Too Loud At Daughter's Graduation

You gotta be joking! On June 2, a mother was arrested at the commencement exercises for the Class of 2012 at South Florence High School in South Carolina. No, she was not armed with a gun or fighting anyone. She was C-W-B (Cheering While Black). Yes, Shannon Cooper was apparently handcuffed by police for cheering too loudly as her daughter walked across the stage.

Reportedly, the audience was warned by law enforcement not to excessively cheer for the students during the ceremony, but Ms. Cooper told the local news station, “Don’t scream? Don’t cheer? I’m thinking in my mind ‘No I’ma cheer because I went through too much to get her to this point.’ I can’t show my excitement? How can I not cheer for my child?”

Wow, what a memorable graduation for her daughter, huh? Her mother was placed in handcuffs, held for several hours and had to pay a $225 fine to be released. If this was the “law of the land” back in 1997, the entire audience at my high school graduation would have been in handcuffs and under siege.

I have attended a few graduations this year and noticed how they are being treated like, no offensive intended, services being held at a Catholic church. This is absurd. This is the classic “swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat” syndrome. What is the big deal? Why should people have to restrain their happiness when seeing their child accomplish something? It’s dumb to me, but maybe I could be wrong. What do you all think?


  1. It is confirmed we are in a police state & must behave in a robotic nature.Amendment 1 is abolished.

  2. What in the world? Straight CRAZY!

  3. Rules are the rules..you were warned, so pay the fine.

  4. I attended a graduation for Tomball High School in College Station and the rules were the same. Before the graduation started they had a powerpoint presentation explaining the same rules and guidelines, and I was shocked...REALLY? I feel like you, as large as the Class of 1997 from Forest Brook High School was, they would have had to call in the swat team to control all of our parents. This is absurd, I am not sure what the world is coming to that parents who fought so hard to make sure our children graduation can't cheer them on. To me it's no different than fans cheering at a football, basketball or any other type of sports event. We can scream and shout when our children make a touch down, but we can't do the same for academics?


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