#AskCed TwitterView with Macroeconomist and Author Cedric Muhammad: "Economics is based on Trust and Creativity is rooted in Love."

(Blogger's Note: Cedric Muhammad, a unique political, business and macroeconomist, has influenced the worlds of culture, electoral politics and finance. Long before I met him in person, I religiously read his site "Black Electorate" as a student as Prairie View A&M. He's the CEO of Africa Pre-Brief and Author of "The Entrepreneurial Secret". On July 11, I conducted this one-on-one 'TwitterView' with him.)

Brother Jesse: What college did you attend and what did you study? 
Cedric Muhammad: Rutgers University (before Imus went off). Finance/Economics
Brother Jesse: Why was it necessary for you to launch Africa PreBrief? Is it relevant to us in America?
Cedric Muhammad: There's tremendous void in analysis of African economies. It's relevant if you see Africa is the last place for econ growth.
Brother Jesse: Why China setting up a beachhead in Africa? Rape the wealth?
Cedric Muhammad: No, China is in Africa to Survive not rape and pillage. They have 600 million who can't 'fit' in their own homeland. It's going to be the biggest mass relocation of human and physical capital since the Trans Atlantic Slave trade.
Brother Jesse: So, should African be concerned about AFRICOM?
Cedric Muhammad: Africa should be more concerned with AFRICOM than China because the former's motive is militarization.
Brother Jesse: Do you see any models of sustainable self sufficient agricultural production in Africa?
Cedric Muhammad: At the village/tribal level there has always been. Lack of infrastructure & vision prevents national self-sufficiency.
Brother Jesse: Why did you stop managing Wu Tang? Was it a conflict?
Cedric Muhammad:  After 'Wu-Tang Forever' died down (bit disappointing) every 1 went separate ways. I only had option of solo mgmt deals. It wasn't 'conflict' but we weren't all on same page (just like a family). I had exciting work in Economics to do.
Brother Jesse: What is your definition of a True "Conscious MC"?
Cedric Muhammad: Jasiri X @jasiri_x and Killer Mike @KillerMikeGTO are the last 2 great 'Conscious' MCs for me
Brother Jesse: How should artists/ppl channel the energy of beefs such as @40GLOCC v. @thegame toward upliftment?

Cedric Muhammad: Beefs are dramatic moments artist don't know how to convert into other energy because they have no leadership profile. The advantage of @40GLOCC and @thegame is their Street affiliation gives them a natural leadership profile to build on.
Brother Jesse: Is the Nation of Islam Research Dept. only in the business of "Jew bashing"?
Cedric Muhammad: The 'Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews' has 4 dimensions: Education,Argumentation,Networking and Negotiation. We are only in the first two dimensions of TSR. No one who has read the 2,000 footnotes has overcome the scholarship.

Brother Jesse: You recently wrote on the Rockefeller-Rothschild connection. Why is that necessary for Blacks to know?
Cedric Muhammad: The international banking system is founded on the dry goods industry which is founded on slavery-plantation economy. But you can't understand the power of those 2 Families today without unearthing the New York Fed's Stock Certificate.
Brother Jesse: Why did u describe Minister @LouisFarrakhan as a "Spiritual Economist"? 
Cedric Muhammad: Economics is based on Trust and Creativity is rooted in Love. @LouisFarrakhan is
building Nation on those 2 pillars.

Brother Jesse: What are 3 business deal-making rules you learned during your tenure in the music industry?
Cedric Muhammad: 1) Negotiate w/ a Partner (good cop-bad cop) 2) Be able to walk away 3) Goodwill/Good feeling matters more than anything
Brother Jesse: Should people fear starting their own businesses in this present economy?
Cedric Muhammad: We should feel some 'fear' but not let it constrict movement toward that which is better. Fear not changing more. But we do need a Balance in our Personality and Team - fearlessness has to be managed and directed productively.  @LouisFarrakhan once talked to me about marrying Zeal with Scholarship in Business Plans. He told me 4 steps.

Brother Jesse: Realistically, can Pres. Obama or Romney fix this ecomony?
Cedric Muhammad: Neither can produce enough jobs to get America out of unemployment crisis before 2017. Need 'A Torchlight For America'. America is not producing enough jobs each month to keep pace with population growth. About 115,000 would be needed.
Brother Jesse: U tweeted about the "Mom and Pop Shop" concept. Is that how Jews & others built wealth?
Cedric Muhammad: All Ethnic Groups (Chinese, Jewish, Italian, Jamaican, West African, Mexican, Indian) have used same Econ principles. Starts with extended families(networks) saving small amounts of money together to lift the poor and back the talented. Anthropologically it can be shown Black Americans (due to slavery) are only group without Informal savings tradition.
Brother Jesse: Your advice on investments in Stocks outside of Gold, Silver, Land?
Cedric Muhammad: Look into African stock exchanges. But the righteous portfolio is 1) FarmLand 2) A Business 3) Gold-Silver Coins
Brother Jesse: Awesome! Ok, @CedricMuhammad on a lighter note I gotta ask: Who would win in a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight? (LOL)
Cedric Muhammad: I LOVE Money May.However Styles make fights and I fear Pacquiao's punch volume w/Mayweather no longer using his legs.
Brother Jesse: That's a wrap! This concludes my TwitterView w/@CedricMuhammad. Thank you sir for your time and answers!
Cedric Muhammad: You are the K.O.T.V.(King of TwitterView). I'm so grateful and honored by this experience. I admire you tremendously.

(Learn more about Cedric Muhammad by visiting http://www.cedricmuhammad.com/ and click below to order his book)

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