Bullying and Decision Making (Part 2): "Your 'BUT' is too big and your 'WHY' is too small"

On July 6, I was blessed once again to join forces with the organization T.E.E.S. (Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success) to do another workshop for the Harris County Juvenile Probation, on the topic of “Bullying and Decision Making”. We spoke to another full classroom of young so-called juveniles. Again: I say "so-called" because that's not who they REALLY are. We took them through more scenarios on how to handle conflict and make productive decisions versus destructive ones. Also, I had the opportunity to speak to them on the subject "Your BUT is too big, your WHY is too small."

We also talked to them about the power of purpose that we can learn by just studying ants. I shared with them excerpts from the book I'm reading "The Miracle In The Ant". It amazed them that so much goes into the building of an ant colony and how something so small can do something so big for over 40 million years. Also, we never see ants or birds in an unemployment line. (smile)They are always doing something for self! We're all looking forward to the next class.

T.E.E.S. was started to provide youth with a secure, positive family environment where they can earn trust, self-respect and learn skills to lead to a productive lifestyle free of peer pressure, gangs, and /or drugs. They help youth find their dreams through educational enrichment.  Their goal is to empower youth to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of their communities. T.E.E.S. is committed to the intellectual and economic development of the youth based on respect for self and family, spirituality, justice and integrity. They host weekly Tween/Teen Empowerment sessions every Thursday at Emancipation Park in the 3rd Ward area in Houston. Read more about T.E.E.S. at http://www.teeskaty.com/

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