Houston Police Department report shows increase in murder rate; Nation of Islam men promoting peace in the streets

by Brother Jesse

According to the latest statistics released by the Houston Police Department, the city's murder rate jumped 17% in the first six months of this month when compared to last year. At least 105 murders occurred between January and June, 15 more than recorded at the same time last year. Robberies are reportedly up 18% as well. Check out a breakdown by area from Chron.com.

On Monday, July 23, a total of 92 brothers from Muhammad Mosque No. 45 went into a neighborhood considered by the Harris County constable's office as one of the highest crime-ridden spots in the city. Armed only with love, Final Call Newspapers and bright smiles, the brothers went door to door in Crestmont Village and Villa Americana apartment complexes; both located at Martin Luther King Blvd and Selinsky Road. 

Residents of all ages were excited to see the men in dark suits and bowties and shared how badly the Nation of Islam's presence is needed in the area to establish peace. Young people pulled out their cellphones to film the brothers doing military drill movements and a few of their peers even joined the ranks as Student Southwest Region Minister Robert Muhammad called cadence. One resident said "This is the best thing that has happened to my 'hood since I was a kid." 

Who and what inspired? A few weeks ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced on Chicago’s WVON radio station that he would be leading the Fruit of Islam, the men of the Nation of Islam, into the streets. This would serve as a call to stem the crime and violence in the Black community in Chicago and throughout the America. 

On the evening of July 16, Minister Farrakhan hit the streets of the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood in the Windy City. Yes, the “79-years-young” Farrakhan walked the streets. Then for the second Monday in a row, Min. Farrakhan led the men into the South Shore area on July 23. Along with Chicago and Houston, this same effort of promoting peace in the streets is continuing to be mirrored by other brothers in over hundred cities throughout the United States and parts of the United Kingdom. 

This is not for media coverage or PR hype. Matter of fact, when asked by the media for an interview, Min. Farrakhan, reportedly, politely declined and issued a small statement instead through a spokesman: “I do not want to talk at this time because we have done too much talking already and not enough action. So we are focusing our attention on action and we want to let our results, God willing, speak for us,” the statement said. 

“Should not we be tired of talking? Let them interview our work and let our work speak for our noble motives,” Min. Farrakhan wrote in a July 23 letter posted online. “In the very near future we hope to call all our pastors, and all our civic leaders and activists into the streets for our work is no longer in the mosques, the churches, the synagogues or our office buildings. We must all dedicate and devote time to the problem in the streets.” 

Let’s get into the streets! We’re going out every Monday. Will you join us?

(If you’re interested in joining Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in hitting the streets every Monday visit www.noihouston.org)


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