In The Streets With The People: Nation of Islam men from across the Southwest Region convene in Houston

Nation of Islam men from across the Southwest Region convened in Houston on July 13-14 for a leadership conference. On Saturday, we hit the streets to go door-to-door in the Cuney Homes Projects in Third Ward to bring a message of hope to the community. Brothers came from parts of Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Recently in an interview on the Cliff Kelley Show in Chicago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated "When the Nation of Islam was strong, we were in the streets and when we were in the streets, the violence—we had it—but it was not like it is today, so Brother Farrakhan is going to lead the Fruit of Islam into the streets. We are going to help our people. We have to take our teaching and our example to our people."

Minister Farrakhan then announced during a live webcast last Monday that he will be leading the men out into the streets on Monday, July 16. “We’re coming in the streets to show our young people the love that they are missing," he said.

Time To Hit The Streets!

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