Making No Excuses: Minister Louis Farrakhan leads Nation of Islam men into the streets of Chicago and throughout the country for the second week in a row

(Minister Farrakhan speaks with Chicago residents as he walks through the South Shore area on July 23.)
by Brother Jesse

For the second Monday in a row, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan led the Nation of Islam men into the streets of Chicago on the evening of July 23. Armed with LOVE, free DVDs, free Final Call newspapers and a warm smile, the men reportedly hit the South Shore area. This same effort of promoting peace in the streets is continuing to be mirrored by other brothers in over hundred cities throughout the United States. The people are excited to see the F.O.I. in the community and the F.O.I. is grateful for the inspiration of Minister Farrakhan to get us back to the streets more than ever; not for media coverage or PR hype.

Matter of fact, when asked by the media for an interview, Minister Farrakhan, reportedly, politely declined and issued a small statement instead through a spokesman: “I do not want to talk at this time because we have done too much talking already and not enough action. So we are focusing our attention on action and we want to let our results, God willing, speak for us,” the statement said.

Here's video coverage by ABC News in Chicago on Monday.

I was blessed to be out in the streets of Houston with brothers from Muhammad Mosque No. 45. Last night we showed love to the people in the apartment complexes located near Martin Luther King Blvd and Selinsky--an area considered one of the largest crime hot spots in the city. The experience was unforgettable and I will be sharing video footage soon and more photos. Until then, check out the photos below I downloaded from Facebook of F.O.I. from across the country! Be sure to catch full coverage in the latest edition of The Final Call newspaper!

Thank you Minister Farrakhan for being a true leader, servant, guide and example. Still kicking strong in the streets at 79-years-young...what excuse do I or we have? None!