New Music: Jasiri X Skillfully Flips Biggie’s ‘10 Crack Commandments’ to the ‘10 Frisk Commandments’

If you've ever wondered why I put Jasiri X on my blog more than any other hip-hop artist, just check this one out. Fresh off releasing his powerful song and video "Do We Need To Start A Riot?" and even performing at the Apollo Theater, the Pittsburgh wordsmith has done it again.

This time he joined forces with Elon James White, the architect of "This Week In Blackness", to flip Biggie Smalls' classic song "10 Crack Commandments" to the timely "10 Frisk Commandments" in an effort to bring further awareness to the stop-and-frisk virus that's spreading from coast to coast. Also to give people a digital manual on how to respond properly.

According to Colorlines.com, Elon, who directed the video, said "A few weeks ago at Netroots Nation I was hanging out with Jasiri X and it hit me. I run up to Jasiri and say “Dude! You should flip Biggie Smalls “10 Crack Commandments!” Make the #10FriskCommandments! What to do when you’re stopped and frisked!” Jasiri thought for a moment and said “That could work.” I was so excited about the idea of it and how great Jasiri is as an artist I offered to direct and shoot the video in Brooklyn on the spot. He brings this issue to light with such passion and clarity that I was glad to be apart of the project. And lets be honest. his verses are FIRE.”

Elon is NOT lying people. Jasiri brings it strong with these #10FriskCommandments and this was a brilliant idea! Why is this necessary? In the first three months of 2012, New Yorkers were stopped by the police 203,500 times. Out that number 89% were innocent, 54% were Black, 33% were Hispanic and 9% were White. Do the math!

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, It's The #10FriskCommandments! Press Play Below and joined the movement at http://www.10friskcommandments.com/

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  1. Always obey the police lawful commands, even if it makes you feel like less than a man.

    Dont get too excited and always remain calm; make a cop use their palms, or even the napalm.

    Avoid known crime areas at 3am, you know they love to shoot us cause they dont give a damn.


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