(Photos) Nation of Islam's Salaam Restaurant reopens as sign of economic independence and efforts to rebuild Black community!

It is official! According to the recent edition of The Final Call, "After a 12 year hiatus, the “Palace of the People” is back and better than ever. The rebirth and reopening of Salaam restaurant, the $5 million newly-renovated Nation of Islam built facility, generated excitement and buzz that was only surpassed by the delicious cuisine on the menu. For a city experiencing a surge of violent crimes, high unemployment and bleak outlook, the resurrection of the Salaam in the heart of the Black community is right on time, said residents and leaders."

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and members of the Nation of Islam were joined by various members of the community during various celebrations this past week in Chicago. Pre-grand opening events took place, including an ecumenical prayer luncheon June 27 and a special evening of elegance July 1. The restaurant fully and officially reopens the weekend of July 6 and 7, according to The Final Call. The Salaam includes a bakery, the Crescent Café and fine dining.

"We built The Salaam Restaurant with steel and concrete; that’s why we could close it for 12 years and come back and find it still here! Because brothers and sisters: For you, there is nothing “too good”! For you, we call this “The Palace of The People.” said Min. Farrakhan during the special gathering of pastors and religious leaders at The Salaam Restaurant on June 27.

Minister Farrakhan even took to his Twitter page to further share his excitement regarding the rebirth of the Salaam Restaurant.

Salaam's new executive director Calvin Hollins and executive assistant Carla X told The Final Call that the facility is for everyone but springs from the mission of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam and is rooted in the hallmarks of healthy eating, economic self-sufficiency and community building.

We're all very elated about this! Check out photos below from some of the events. Read more about the Grand Re-Birth of the Salaam Restaurant and see more photos at FinalCall.com and on the official Facebook page.


  1. The Mulsam Mofia has its own Restaurant...SO!

    1. Are you serious by calling these people the mofia come on first they are white, second they arent organized killers, third theyre teaching the world about the original people. The mofia will never be on a level with God and loved from all like these strong black people.

  2. so beautiful seeing all the black love inside the building i will plan a trip to this spot from texas this summer i am too excited

  3. These photos are so beautiful with images of sharing with the world on how black people love one another and how intelligence exist within us by creating something that is good for the mind body and soul. I will make a trip to Salaam restaurant this summer and i am so excited thanks be to ALLAH!!!!!!!!!


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