#ReadyToLive TwitterView with Billboard Music Artist Jarrard Anthony: "Don't Really Compare Myself to Other Artist. We're All Unique."

(Blogger's Note: On July 2, I conducted a one-on-one "TwitterView" with Billboard music artist Jarrard Anthony of Richmond, Va. This is the recap! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JarrardAnthony_ and visit his website @ http://www.jarrardanthony.com)
Brother Jesse: What did you want to be growing up?
Jarrard Anthony: Real Talk..growing up I wanted to be a pro-wrestler..WWE!
Brother Jesse: What was your favorite childhood cartoon and cereal?
Jarrard Anthony: Golden Grahams was definitely my favorite cereal. My favorite cartoon was probably The Simpsons..don't tell my mom that..lol
Brother Jesse: Did you grow up poor in VA? If so, did it make you stronger?
Jarrard Anthony: Naw, I grew up in the burbs. I was made strong by values instilled by my parents & lifes a-- whippings.
Brother Jesse: Who/what inspired you to get into music?
Jarrard Anthony: Not sure I can sum it up in 140 characters. Lets see..All things happen in divine order. People, places, and experiences
Brother Jesse:  Why did u choose the Indie route instead of a major label?
Jarrard Anthony: I think the Indie Route chose me. Once I found out I could do it without a label it was kinda a wrap.
Brother Jesse: What does your “Ready To Live” album cover mean?
Jarrard Anthony: I've always been a fan of album art of my heroes like EWF and Lonnie Liston Smith. I wanted something that would capture that spirit.
Brother Jesse: You recently hit the Billboard charts for the first time! How you feel about it?
Jarrard Anthony: Not my victory. It was a celebratory moment for RVA, my family, friends, and team. All of whom put in a lot of work for that! Very appreciative to be on that chart though and hopeful for things to come.
Brother Jesse: What is UNIQUE in your soul music compared to other artists?
Jarrard Anthony: Don't really compare myself to other artist. We're all unique. Art is individual perception of a common world. Peace is mine
Brother Jesse: One thing that has made your family life successful?
Jarrard Anthony: Patience, Friendship with my wife first and getting some of the crazy ish outta the way early..lol
Brother Jesse: Your definition of SUCCESS?
Jarrard Anthony: I define SUCCESS as the moment you can embrace whatever the divine has planned for you. Thats when you are #READYTOLIVE‬ :)

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