Trayvon Martin Update: George Zimmerman Released from Jail for the Second Time

Wow, really? George Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman who killed Trayvon Martin, was officially released from jail again on Friday, July 6. Seminole County Judge Kenneth Lester set Zimmerman’s bond at $1 million. Zimmerman had to pay 10% ($100,000) to a bail bondsman and posted it. In a blog posted by his legal team, it states "As the terms of Mr. Zimmerman’s bond state that he must remain within Seminole County, Mr. Zimmerman’s security team has established a safe house where he can stay until a more permanent secure location can be established." Zimmerman goes free for the second time. Trayvon is dead. The saga continues.

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  1. No offense brother, but the fact you call yourself 'brother' Jesse probably gives away your political leanings a bit too easy.

    Additionally the post in the blog is rampant with pro black rather than pro life angles.

    A child is dead without too much rhyme or reason.
    And a man also has to live with this travesty for the rest of his life, in or out of jail.

    What does black power and overtly racial undertones have anything to do with justice?

    While you are all playing your racial games, people are trying to mourn. If we spent a little less time playing the race card, we might just enough left over to grieve and move on.

    There is no justice or respect for those that manipulate the system to fit their selfish need. Thi is just another form of barbarianism under a cloak of altruism.

  2. @Roxy You statement is merely an exercise in intellectual discourse. If you think race does not play a factor in this case then you're blind. Even Trayvon parents said he was Racially Profiled. Lets stop being too cowardly to call a spade a spade....and Brother Jesse is a very balanced writer overall. But I'm happy we have a writer like him who will stand up for our people


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