Girls Glam 2012 Empowerment Weekend in Houston Grows to Include Young Men

Dr. Wendy Johnson
(Blogger's Note: I am happy to be selected to be the volunteer workshop coordinator for this year's Girls Glam 2012 Empowerment weekend. Here's more information! If you live in the Houston area please sign up your child!)

Franklin Beauty School and the National Empowerment Group, Inc. announced that its 3rd Annual Girls Glam Back to School Empowerment Weekend (Girls Glam 2012) will be held on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, just prior to the start of school for most districts. Sponsored by LaneStaffing, Girls Glam 2012 will be hosted at Franklin Beauty School, 4965 Martin Luther King Drive, Houston, TX 77021.

Girls Glam 2012 is free and open to girls ages 7 to 17. This year, the event also offers haircuts for boys ages 7 to 17. Additionally, free immunizations will be available onsite to school age children. More than 600 students are anticipated to participate. Registration opened July 16, 2012, and is available online at National Empowerment Group, Inc. or at Franklin Beauty School on Martin Luther King Drive. Franklin Beauty School, under the leadership of owners Ron Jemison Jr. and Sean Jemison, has been in the Houston community for more than 90 years and involved with Girls Glam since its inception.

"We are hosting this event not only to give the girls some style before returning to school, but also to connect with them individually and collectively as a group of students who deserve to look and feel their best. Since keeping your hair groomed boosts self-esteem and confidence, we decided the best way to give back to our community was to connect with the students by sharing our gift with them," said Ron Jemison Jr.

"This year, we're growing to include young men because a well-groomed young man not only feels good about himself, but he sends a positive message to the public." Wendy Johnson, PhD (Dr. Wendy), founder and president of the National Empowerment Group, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation, created the event to offer free back-to-school empowerment workshops and hairstyles to high-risk, low-to-moderate income students as a means to bolster self-esteem, empower youth to strive for success, promote academic achievement and personal development.

The workshops include the following topics: How to achieve academic excellence, Financial literacy, Entrepreneurship and Developing good study habits. The demographics of the areas served are primarily African-American and Latino. The hairstyles include shampoo styles, cornrow braids and haircuts for the boys. Sponsorship is critical to the success of Girls Glam 2012.

In order to continue to provide a free event to the participants, Franklin Beauty School and the National Empowerment Group, Inc. invite you to partner as sponsors of this exciting, empowerment weekend. The event served over 400 girls last year and participation is expected to exceed 500 participants. Sponsors are needed to underwrite beauty products, backpacks and school supplies, in addition to event incidentals, such as food, T-shirts and banners. [READ MORE]

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