The Case of Chavis Carter: Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Dead In Back of Cop Car; Officer Alleges Suicide

Chavis Carter
(Source: BlackYouthProject.com) A young African-American man in Jonesboro, AR died of a gunshot wound to the head while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car. Chavis Carter was arrested for alleged drug possession and for missing a court date on previous drug charges. Sergeant Lyle Waterworth of the Jonesboro police department claims that despite having been searched and handcuffed before being placed inside of the squad car, Carter somehow managed to shoot himself in the head. Carter’s grieving mother rejects the official police story. [Read More]

In the CNN video below, his mother says she can't see how her son shot himself and that she believes that her son was murdered by the police. This has to be the MOST ABSURD excuse ever by the police. Freaking crazy!

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  1. another case of the police treating us as if we are stupid and showing that the can literally get away with murder.


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