#AskAshahed TwitterView with Author and Journalist Ashahed M. Muhammad: "The Black press is to be a warrior press unafraid to confront policies affecting Black people"

(Blogger's Note: Ashahed M. Muhammad is an author and Asst. Editor of The Final Call Newspaper. He's serving as the moderator for Minister Farrakhan's upcoming #AskFarrakhan Social Media Townhall. On Sept. 5th, I conducted this one-on-one 'TwitterView' with him.)

Brother Jesse: Where did you attend college? Did you study journalism

Ashahed M: Yes. Arizona State University. Majoring in Journalism w/ a Communications minor emphasis.

Brother Jesse: What attracted you to the Nation of Islam the most? Bean pies? Wavy hair?

Ashahed M: I was attracted to the strength I saw in those under the direction of @LouisFarrakhan & the power of his words on all subjects. @LouisFarrakhan empowered me by showing me how I could use my skills & talents to build a Black nation. He is magnetic.
Brother Jesse: What makes @TheFinalCall relevant and why should ppl read it?

Ashahed M: @TheFinalCall is trusted by its readers to tell the truth because it is not beholden to outside advertisers or interests.
Brother Jesse: Do you think the Black press is dying as a whole? If so, why?
Ashahed M: Yes, however, in some ways, the Black press itself is at fault for not keeping up to date with issues affecting our people. The Black press is to be a warrior press unafraid to confront evil actions & policies affecting Black people worldwide. The Black press should be more than advertising space for the newest popular liquor, the latest gossip or the latest styles.
Brother Jesse: When you’re doing investigative journalism, what are three important things you do?
Ashahed M: I look for the unknown facts. The questions that are being avoided or not answered. I also look for patterns & analyze them.
Brother Jesse: Is the aim of the Nation of Islam Research Grp just to expose the Jews or is there a bigger aim?

Ashahed M: No. It is not all about 'exposing the Jews.' That is only a part. The NOIRG represents a body of knowledge the world needs.
Brother Jesse: How has Black college students responded to the book “Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews” Vol2?
Ashahed M: The response has been wildly enthusiastic! Already on a quest for knowledge, they couldn't resist picking up the new 'red book'.
Brother Jesse: Do you think America is still the "Hidden Hand" in a lot of conflict going on in places like Syria?
Ashahed M: Yes. The Neo-Conservatives had plans for regime change in several nations across the Middle East. Syria was one of them. Wherever there is global conflict, especially civil conflict, history has shown us the meddling hand of America is present.
Brother Jesse: Your byline is frequently seen on stories abt @LouisFarrakhan. He critiques your writings?
Ashahed M: Well of course, he reviews writings in the newspaper he publishes, but he is not overbearing in that way. He prefers to let the writer's spirit & skill come through in the words & he, as is his way, guides & inspires. I consider it an honor to cover him & his activities in so many different places & to be a witness bearer…Lol! Not sure if I answered it clearly, but, hopefully I'm was able to convey it to you properly.
Brother Jesse: Yes sir, you clearly answered!
Brother Jesse: Why did you create the Truth Establishment Institute http://www.truthinstitute.org?
Ashahed M: As an effort to develop independent institutions to serve those within our sphere of influence. It's also a work in progress.
Brother Jesse: Has the presence of @LouisFarrakhan & FOI in the streets made an impact on curbing the Chicago violence?
Ashahed M: Absolutely! Not a day goes by without anecdotal evidence coming to us in the form of discussion, emails etc.  It was also reported that July registered the lowest murder total in Chgo in the last 25 yrs. No coincidence. Or actually, one of the lowest murder totals within the last 25 years. But clearly there has been an impact. Still more to do.
Brother Jesse: You’re the moderator for the upcoming 9/26 #AskFarrakhan Social Media TownHall. U Excited? http://askfarrakhan.noi.org 
Ashahed M:  Definitely looking forward to it! I think it will prove to be a revolutionary use of modern technology w/ long-lasting impact.
Brother Jesse: As you cover #DNC2012, what is the spirit like in Charlotte? Alot of Black people there for POTUS?
Ashahed M: The #DNC2012 atmosphere is not as charged as in#DNC2008 for obvious reasons. A unique form of energy surrounded that one. Black people here @ #DNC2012 are definitely Pro-Obama & they LOVE @MichelleObama ! Black women LOVE the Obamas! #RealTalk.  I've observed as an empirical truth the following: If you want trouble from Black women, say something bad about Barack Obama.
Brother Jesse:  Who won the debate: Clint Eastwood or the Empty Chair? LOL 
Ashahed M: The empty chair. Lol! Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself & the comeback by the President pic.twitter.com/YRaTfVxB =#SMACKDOWN
Brother Jesse: LOL! Well, everyone this concludes my TwitterView w/ @AshahedM! Be sure to check out his byline in @TheFinalCall. TY @AshahedM for a wonderful one-on-one TwitterView chat as you cover #DNC2012 for @TheFinalCall! AWESOME responses.
Ashahed M: Thank you. It was fun & I look forward to doing it again. Excellent questions from the Twitterverse!

(Learn more about Ashahed M. Muhammad @ http://ashahed.blogs.finalcall.com/)

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