The Final Call successfully hosts first-ever #AskFarrakhan Social Media Q&A

(Source: FinalCall.com) - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan participated in the first-ever#AskFarrakhan Social Media Q&A on September 26 live from The Final Call Administration Building in Chicago, Illinois.

Minister Farrakhan answered numerous questions for two hours from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube users from across the globe. The historic online event was moderated by Ashahed M. Muhammad, Assistant Editor of The Final Call.

The questions covered topics, including the Presidential race, Syria, Iran, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the Middle East uproar over the anti-Islamic film "The Innocence of Muslims", the state of Hip-Hop culture, the recent street efforts of the Nation of Islam, male/female relationships, religion, and more.

When asked by one questioner on how he would have advised President Obama had he been invited into his cabinet, Minister Farrakhan responded, “I am a spiritual teacher and politics is a business of compromise, and I can’t compromise the Words of God. So if I were in his a cabinet there are many things I would have advised him on. And this next coming Holy Day of Atonement, since his convention was in Charlotte and our convention will be in Charlotte, I intend to take that opportunity, not as a member of his cabinet, but as a spiritual teacher and a member of a suffering Black community, to give our brother some words of advice.”

The #AskFarrakhan social media Q&A was streamed live at askfarrakhan.noi.org and on AllHipHop.com. The webcast was viewed by thousands, and hundreds of questions were submitted.

Several watch parties were hosted at college campuses such as Prairie View A&M University and Winston Salem State University, Minister Farrakhan’s alma mater. Salaam Restaurant hosted the official watch party for Chicagoans.

The Twitter hashtag #AskFarrakhan has become very popular, and Minister Farrakhan frequently responds to questions from his nearly 90,000 plus Twitter followers. The #AskFarrakhan Social Media Q@&A was the latest effort to use social media platforms to continue his mission in giving timely guidance.

The full replay of the #AskFarrakhan Social Media Town Hall can be viewed @askfarrakhan.noi.org. Read more coverage and reactions on the event in the upcoming edition of The Final Call.

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  1. Great event! Watched online. Can't wait til part 2!! Keep up the good work Brother.


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