Countdown to Election 2012: Hip-Hop Artist and Activist Jasiri X says "Don't Forget About The Hood" in new song

Real Talk: You can always count on Jasiri X to address serious issues one bar at a time. If you've been following my blog the past few years, you can't help but bear witness to this. He's been frequently profiled on Brother Jesse Blog.

Once again the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop artist and activist uses his musical platform to shed light on another overlooked dilemma facing America: The Condition of The Poor! Matter of fact, after watching the debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney, can you count how many times you heard the word "Poor"? How about Joe Biden and Paul Ryan? I'll wait....

Well after three debates, with only a passing mention of the violence in Chicago by the President, Jasiri X felt someone had to say something on behalf of the poor and inner city communities. Thus his latest release "Don't Forget About The Hood."

"And yes I know that Mitt Romney has basically written off anyone making less than six figures, but why is Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya more important than 46.2 million people who live below the poverty line right here in America?" he asks.

In this song, Jasiri spits:
We need to stop cheering for sides like its a sport 
Vote for your self and your own hood time is short 
Cause doing nothing ain't a option 
Do something get it poppin Real action over talking The whole world is watching
Directed by Emmai Alaquiva, "Don't Forget About The Hood" illustrates how the issues of the poor and urban communities have been all but forgotten in this current election season, and wonders what happened to all of the energy and organizing that took place in the wake of the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin

"Don't Forget About the Hood" was produced in collaboration with hoodievote.org, with Da Ricanstrukta providing the powerful soundtrack. Press play below...

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