Farrakhan and thousands to commemorate Holy Day of Atonement and 17th Anniversary of the Million Man March in Charlotte

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is headed to Charlotte, North Carolina along with thousands to commemorate the Holy Day of Atonement and the 17th Anniversary of the Million Man March. Min. Farrakhan will deliver the keynote address, October 14 at the Bojangles Coliseum. The message will also be carried live via webcast at 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

The Minister’s address was originally titled "Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint: Ending Poverty and Want." However, during his Sept. 26 #AskFarrakhan Social Media Townhall, he revealed that in light of the recent election he decided to change the focus of the message in response to the question: "I think you’re more than a ‘politician’, but if President Obama had invited you to be in his cabinet, how would you have advised him?"

Minister Farrakhan said, "I am a spiritual teacher, and “politics” is a business of compromise—and, I can’t compromise the Words of God. So, if I was in his cabinet, there are many things that I would have advised him on...During the upcoming Holy Day of Atonement to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday, October 14, 2012, I intend to take that opportunity—not as a “member of his cabinet,” but as a spiritual teacher, and a member of a suffering Black community—to give our brother some words of advice."

Members of Muhammad Mosque No. 36 in Charlotte are equally excited and are working hard in preparation for the weekend events said Student Minister Khadir Muhammad who serves as Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative for the Nation of Islam which encompasses Charlotte. [Read More]

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  1. I clicked on the read more and was sent to this website: http://noi.org/about_beliefs_and_wants.shtml. If you read the wants and demands or whatever the heading is listed as, you will notice the list of wants and demands. Take a look at number ten. Your minister is of Caucasian and African descent. The make up is what makes Farrakhan, Farrakhan. If the mixing of races was prohibited then you wouldnt have a Louis Farrakhan. Most if not all African Americans have some Caucasian or Native American ancestry. B-Bop/Souly Dolo


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