Houston honors Student Minister Robert Muhammad for 25 years of service to the community

by Jesse Muhammad for African-American News & Issues

Too often we wait until a person is no longer living for us to finally honor them. We say beautiful words they cannot hear, sing passionate songs they cannot witness, and present flowers they cannot smell.

Recently, hundreds from the city, state and parts of the country filled the ballroom at The Power Center to give Nation of Islam Student Minister Robert Muhammad his flowers while he lives.

The widely respected steward of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 has been consistently serving the community and the Southwest Region for 25 years. The theme of the event was “Celebrating Unity in the Community.”

“We toast you for your 30 years of marriage. We toast you for leaving your corporate job to be in the Nation of Islam and represent the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. We appreciate you,” said Kofi Taharka, National Chairman of the National Black United Front. “You changed the history of this city.”

Roy Douglas Malonson, publisher of African-American News&Issues, brought laughter to the crowd as he recounted the first time he met the young “too tight suit wearing, sock matching” Brother Robert; whom he greatly respects. “We don’t have to be around each other to respect each other,” said Mr. Malonson.

“The world doesn’t care about the car you drive, the house you live in or how much money you have. The world cares about what you can do for your mankind. That’s the kind of person Brother Robert is.” Mr. Malonson further stated, “We as a people really need to honor and protect those on the frontline. You all don’t know the strain it puts on their family and the person.”

Texas Congressional leaders Rep. Al Green and Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee presented proclamations in honor of Bro. Robert. Also, words were shared by Prairie View Mayor Frank Jackson, Dallas Student Min. Jeffrey Muhammad and Junius Wilkerson, a longtime friend and fellow member of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. [Read More]

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