Minister Farrakhan advises America to cut foreign aid to Israel; says President Obama and Mitt Romney controlled by 'moneyed interests'

On Sunday, October 21, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan repeated his declaration that "radical solutions" would be needed to solve the problems facing the United States of America. The address, delivered at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, was Part 2 of "Guidance for Our President and Our Nation."

"If Obama and Romney--and Congress--don’t want to deal effectively with the debt, they will keep kicking the can down the road," said Minister Farrakhan. "In order for America to come out of this, everybody is going to have to sacrifice."

This message came a day before President Obama and Mitt Romney is set to face off in their third and final debate on Oct. 22. The focus of the debate is foreign policy. "Both of them are controlled by these moneyed interests," said Minister Farrakhan in his Sunday message before a capacity crowd and thousands more watching via Internet webcast.

As one of the solutions to America's debt crisis, Minister Farrakhan advised that government officials must "rethink foreign aid" and outright "cut foreign aid to Israel," which is something he said former 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul was calling for. Additionally, Minister Farrakhan said that aid to Israel is something that taxpayers have never voted on.

"This is absolutely foolish. Every year, we're giving to Israel $3-12 billions of dollars in the form of military aid, intelligence, as well as actual cash grants. Now, if your economy is faltering, Israel can do alright without you," said Minister Farrakhan.

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