Southern University welcomes Minister Louis Farrakhan: "Proper education makes us a self-determined people"

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

On Wednesday, October 3, I had the opportunity to be backstage as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered an awesome message at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The "mini dome" was packed with students and residents eager to hear from the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.

"Education is the key to the future of us, but what education? The enemy is not going to send a teacher to you that would prepare you for an independent future," said Minister Farrakhan. "A proper education will make us a productive people. "...If you bring an inferior mind to your studies, you will never become a master."

Once again Minister Farrakhan stressed the importance of agriculture. "Farmers are the smartest people. Most of Jesus' parables had to do with land, farming. Every one of you should aspire to own land. When you have land you have the basis of independence. Farming is a science and an art."

The event was sponsored by the Nation of Islam Student Association -Southern University Chapter. Minister Farrakhan was welcomed by the Student Government as well as the school chancellor. After his keynote address, Minister Farrakhan met privately with student leaders for a 30 minute Q/A. I took this shot just before he took the stage. This man is focused on his mission...

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