Did the movement die? Justice for Trayvon Martin still an outcry for his relentless mother

(FinalCall.com) - All her family wants is justice and closure to begin healing, not vengeance, says Sabrina Fulton regarding the fatal shooting of her son, Trayvon Martin. But the family’s pain has been exacerbated by tactics of her son’s killer’s attorneys—including the audacity and attempt to blame the 17-year-old for his own death, Ms. Fulton says.

Judge Debra Nelson ruled George Zimmerman’s attorneys could access the teen’s school and social media records to see if he had violent or aggressive tendencies. The decision confused and saddened her, Ms. Fulton says.

“Trayvon is the victim and it seems to us like they are putting Trayvon on trial and he’s at rest right now. I think it’s reversed,” she told The Final Call in an exclusive interview, which included family attorney Benjamin Crump.

“Why would you reverse the role and put the victim on trial?” Ms. Fulton asks, adding the focus should be Mr. Zimmerman’s intention and mindset because he didn’t know her son at all.

As Mr. Zimmerman’s attorneys prepare to argue he was merely acting in self-defense under a law that allows deadly force if one feels threatened, reality about the loss of Trayvon strikes his family. The conclusion of the encounter could come during a Stand Your Ground hearing planned for April or May, if Judge Nelson rules in favor of Mr. Zimmerman’s claim. Or it could come later at his trial for second degree murder, which Judge Nelson tentatively scheduled for June 10. [READ MORE]


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