Exclusive interview with new Houston Astros manager Bo Porter: "If the paycheck is what motivates you, then you’re probably not going to do it good."

(Houston Astros manager Bo Porter and his wife Stacey Porter)

(Blogger's Note: On November 20, I had the honor of conducting an exclusive one-on-one interview with Bo Porter, new manager of the Houston Astros baseball team. Right by his side was his strong, supportive wife of 16 years ,Stacey. We discussed sports, family, community and their new SELF Foundation. This interview, conducted at Minute Maid Park, was for the D-Mars Business Journal November/December Edition. Here's a snippet. Click the link to read the entire article and check out the photos I took from the tour they gave us.)

by Jesse Muhammad

Having just talented individual players can win you a few games and even accolades; however, it takes teamwork to win championships. This principle applies no matter if you’re running a corporation, school, organization or sports team.

It takes a special leader or coach to go against the norm, relentlessly bring out the best in others and get them to think for the whole. That’s the type of reputation preceding Bo Porter, who is now at the helm of the Houston Astros as the newly appointed manager.

He’s inheriting a team that’s coming off its worst season ever with 107 losses. Yet it is easy to tell this man invites and thrives off of challenges. “They got the right man for the job. The future is bright. This team is on its way back up,” he says with a smile.

As he escorts Mr. D-Mars through the lower levels and onto the flawless diamond mound of Minute Maid Park, Porter discussed his new position, important life lessons, effective leadership, family, and community involvement.

“If the paycheck is what motivates you, then you’re probably not going to do it good. I have never made a decision based on money. My wife and I have talked a lot about our faith and we put this in God’s Hands a long time ago. And we felt like He would guide us exactly where it is He want us to be,” says Porter. [READ MORE]

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