If President Obama defeats Mitt Romney, Minister Farrakhan warns of post election violence by angry Whites

With White anger growing, Minister Louis Farrakhan has been warning that an election win for President Obama over Mitt Romney could spill over into hate-inspired violence. The popular leader spoke to a capacity crowd at Bowie State University in Bowie, MD on October 26 and at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN on November 2. During both events, Minister Farrakhan warned Blacks not to celebrate in the streets if President Obama wins, due to angry Whites who may seek to take their lives.

On Nov. 6, Election Day 2012 for America, The Final Call tech team posted a one minute clip from Bowie State to YouTube. The video quickly began to trend, but was censored and removed by YouTube. The FCN team reposted the video to their server for people to watch and spread the message. They also posted this clip below from Tennessee State University. Question: With all of the filth on YouTube, why would they censor a 60 second clip from Minister Farrakhan? Think about it.

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