Interview with "Icy" Author Adon: "I want to play my part in promoting that being intelligent is the new cool"

(Blogger's Note: Adon, born and raised in my city Houston, Texas, became an avid reader as a child and was always inspired by various authors. Now as an adult he has released his first book "Icy" about a star basketball player who finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of traps. I recently went one-on-one with Adon about the book.)

Brother Jesse: Sometimes it's easier to start a book than it is to finish. What challenges did you encounter as you worked to complete your first book? 
Adon: Life, working and all the details that are in between. Once I started and continued to write, I just told myself if it takes me ten years to complete it then that’s fine with me because I felt like forces were trying to stop me from publishing this story. A lot of lives will be either spared or inspired by this story.

Brother Jesse: Who or what was the source of inspiration for "Icy"? 

Adon: I was inspired by the plight of our young black boys who continue to make faulty decisions when surrounded by those city elements. Sports and drugs are a part of those city elements and many have squandered their lives without properly being prepared about the reality of both.

Brother Jesse: Who is the target audience for your book and why? 

Adon: Young black boys and their mothers or parental guides. I want to play my part in promoting that being intelligent is the new "cool". I hold dear the scripture in the Bible that reads in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” This is our very problem and solution as a people.

Brother Jesse: What are three life lessons you think readers can extract from the main character in this book? 

Adon: In order to do anything in life you must have a Desire. There are always consequences for our actions. God is a for real God.

Brother Jesse: Was writing this book therapeutic for you? Is there any aspect of this book that reflects things you had to overcome growing up in Houston? 

Adon: I know guys like some of the characters in the story. I made a lot of similar mistakes as Icy, so it was more of a healing process knowing that I had the same opportunities but failed.

Brother Jesse: Many may be sitting at home with a book in their head that is yet written or published. What would you say to them to encourage them to get that book out? 

Adon: Understand your intent for writing. Is it for money? Do you want to help people by informing or entertaining? Be clear about why you are writing and be true to your style. Most important leave room for the spirit to work as well.

Brother Jesse: Thank you Adon.

(For more information on Adon and the book "Icy" visit  www.adonlastdon.com)


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